A10-787 Maui R&T Partners, LLC – Filings by State Office of Planning

State Office of Planning’s Statement of Position, COS (pdf): 

OP List of Witnesses; List of Exhibits; Exhibits 1, 3, 4, 7 an 8 filed July 8, 2013 (pdf):

OP’s First Amended List of Exhibits, Amended List of Witnesses, Exhibit 5, and COS (pdf): A10-787 op first amnd list exh first amnd list exh5

OP List of Witnesses: List of Witnesses

OP First Amended List of Witnesses:  First Amended List of Exhibits

OP List of Exhibits:List of Exhibits

OP First Amended List of Exhibits: First Amended List of Witnesses

Exhibit 1:OP Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2:OP testimony in support of petition (exh 2):A10-787 op test in support of pet exh 2

Exhibit 3:OP Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4:OP Exh 4

Exhibit 5: OP Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6: withdrawn

Exhibit 7:OP Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8:OP Exh 8

Exhibit 9: withdrawn

 A10-787 OP’s Comments and Objections to Petitioner’s Proposed FOF COL D&O filed 9-25-13