A05-755 Hale Mua Properties, Inc.


Notice of Order to Show Cause Hearing– July 25, 2018 (6/4-5/18)

Decisions and Orders

Decision & Order- Order to Show Cause, Exhibit “A”, COS (12/3/18)

Decision & Order (pdf) dated February 12, 2007


Annual Reports

May 9, 2018 Status Report Related Correspondence

LUC Correspondence notifying Fee Owner Southwest 7 of requested appearance and status report at May 9, 2018 meeting. (4/11/18)

Additional LUC correspondence  clarifying Southwest 7 appearance for May 9, 2018 meeting (4/18/18)

Petitioner Southwest 7 LLC Representative Murray M. Smith PE Correspondence (5/2/18)

Email correspondence from Southwest 7 LLC Representative Murray M. Smith to Commission (5/6/18)


LUC correspondence re:corrected cover sheets for decision and order 12/3/18 (12/7/18)

Correspondence– Maui County Dept. of Housing and Human Concerns (9/10/18)

5/29/18 email correspondence from Petitioner’s Rep. Murray Smith that Chris Brown will be representing Cooper Trust on his behalf at OSC meeting.

5/30/18 email correspondence from Petitioner’s Rep. Thomas Millspaugh that Randall Sakumoto and Scott MacKinnon will be representing Cooper Trust/Southwest 7 LLC

Petitioner- Southwest 7 (SW7)

Petitioner SW7 correspondence requesting LUC order contain language which expressly authorizes Successor Petitioner to record in Bureau of Conveyances an appropriate instrument that cancels and releases the conditions imposed by that certain Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision and Order filed on February 12, 2007, and that revokes that certain Declaration of Conditions Applicable to an Amendment of District Boundary from Agricultural to Urban, recorded in the Bureau on December 3, 2008 as Document No. 2008-182476 (11/13/18)

Petitioner maps submitted at LUC hearing SEP 13 2018

Foreclosure documents submitted by Petitioner (Southwest 7) supporting how it acquired its ownership interest from Hale Mua Properties filed September 11, 2018.

The documents added to the record are:

  1. Original Quitclaim Deed, recorded as Document No. 2004-102439
  2. Mortgage between SW7 and HMP, recorded as Document No. 2008-107894
  3. [Foreclosure] Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order, recorded as Document No. 2011-171298
  4. [Foreclosure] Commissioner’s Deed, recorded as Document No. A-44580933
  5. [Foreclosure] Deficiency judgement recorded as Document No. 67570434
  6. [Foreclosure] Affidavit Deficiency judgment, recorded as Document No. A-68240904


Successor Petitioner Southwest 7, LLC’s Supplemental Position Statement on OSC (8/30/18)

Stipulation of the Parties dated July 19, 2018

Certificate of Service for Stipulation dated July 20, 2018

Original Signature page of Kristin Tarnstrom, Attorney for County of Maui Planning Department for Stipulation of Parties (7/24/18)

Successor Petitioner Southwest 7, LLC’s Position Statement On Order to Show Cause (7/18/18)

Notice of Appearance of Counsel for Petitioner Southwest 7 LLC, COS 6/7/18

Petitioner Kim/Hale Mua Properties, LLC (HM)

Informational handout submitted and circulated at SEP 13, 2018 meeting


Department of Planning County of Maui’s Position Statement on Land Use Commission’s Order to Show Cause dated July 10, 2018


Statement of Position of the Office of Planning on Land Use Commission’s Order to Show Cause dated July 19, 2018

OP Position Exhibits A-D (7/24/18)