Completed DBA Maui – 1994 to 1999

A94-706 Ka`ono`ulu Ranch

BR94-709  Office of State Planning, State of Hawai`i

A94-710  West Maui Venture Group

BR94-713  Office of State Planning, State of Hawai`i

A96-717  C. Earl Stoner, Jr.

A97-721  Mākena Resort -( till 2018)

For 2019 and beyond Annual Reports for ATC Makena, click link here. ATC Mākena

*Effective October 2018, ATC Makena Entities sold a portion of the Petition Area to H2R, LLC.  For annual reports from ATC Makena Entities, click link above.  For H2R annual reports from 2019, click here A97-721 H2R

A97-722  Maui Electric Company, Limited

A98-723  A&B Properties, Inc. aka Hāli`imaile Residential

A98-724  Stanford S. Carr Development Corporation

A98-725  A&B Properties, Inc. – Sprecklesville Mauka