A89-649 Lanai Resorts – Order To Show Cause (2016)

The issues and basic facts giving rise to this hearing are stated in the 2004 Decision of the Hawai`i Supreme Court and the 2016 decision of the Intermediate Court of Appeals of the State of Hawai’i,

Decisions and Orders

2016-2017  Hearings Officer

Minute Orders

Petitioner Filings – Lanai Resort Partners

State Office of Planning Filings

Maui County- Planning Department Filings

Intervenor- Lanaians for Sustainable Growth Filings- represented by Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation



Public Testimony submitted on November 9, 2016- Lanai City

ILWU Petition

County or State entities


LUC generated

Letter to Parties Re:Petitioner’s First Amendment original Exhibit 14-Water Development Plan for Island of Lanai -missing pages

Exhibit 14 with missing pgs 8, 10 & 12 included

Agenda Notice April 26-27, 2017