Decisions and Orders

Decision & Order (pdf) dated January 30, 1990


Land Use Commission

Status Report request from LUC dated 11.08.19


Petitioner Exhibits

Petitioner’s Map Exhibits P4 & P5

Petitioner’s Exhibit P1- Wailuku-Piihana Project District Housing Allocation Summary


Petitioner’s Exhibit 19A – Wailuku Mauka (pdf)

Petitioner’s Exhibit 19B – Wailuku Makai (pdf)

Petitioner’s Exhibit 19C – Piihana (pdf)

Wailuku Plantation LLC- Piihana III

WP – Notices of Representation (submitted at LUC meeting on Maui 12/5/19)

WP Correspondence  stating  that Notification provided to Property Owners Wailuku Plantation LLC, Edgar Somera, Fay Somera, Larry S. Sky, Dayong Zhao, Xiu Xian Fang, Bong HWA Shi Jordan, WenXia Liu and Elise Travis’ Motion for Order Bifurcating Docket No. A89-642 (12/5/19)

Exhibits A-C in handout used by Petitioner WP at LUC mtg on September 26, 2019

Copy of WP LLC’s Notice of Withdrawal of WP LLC’s Phase III Project District Approval application for Piihana Project District (8/20/19)

Notice of Sale (pending receipt of hard copy- only email notice received) (8/27/2020)


RCFC Bifurcation Inquiry (8/5/19)

RCFC response to LUC 11-8-19 query

RCFC correspondence re: Conditions (12/13/19)

Notice of Sale by Wailuku Plantation LLC (pending receipt of hard copy- only email notice received) (8/27/2020)



Annual Reports:

County of Maui Remarks on 2020 Annual Report for Kehalani District dated September 12, 2019 (3/19/2020)

2019- Consolidated submittal of Wailuku and Piihana Project Districts to account for materials faxed to LUC for the record (1/7/2020)

2019 Piihana Project- DEC 23 & DEC 30 annual report pieces

2019 Kehalani Project District (9/16/19) Wailuku and Piihana Project Districts 2019 Annual Report Mailout (12/3/19)

2019 Piihana Project District ( 9/10/19) County Comments (3/17/2020)

2019- Correspondence from RCFC Piihana re: Incorrect TMK reference used 5/10/19

2018 – Ownership change per  County Comments

Notice of Sale from RCFC Piihana, LLC to Wailuku Plantation LLC 5/25/18

2017 (8/21/17) County Comments

2016 (8/22/16) County Comments


2014  County Comments  Nigel Keep project information request 


2012:  Report; Exhibits; Part 2

2011:  Part 1; Part 2