Completed DBA Kaua`i County – 1970 to 1975

A70-243  Land Use Commission

A70-246  Manuel and Bertha G. Sanchez

A70-249  Land Use Commission

A70-253  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawai`i

A70-261  Eagle County Development Corporation

A70-270  Fusao Tanabe,

A71-282  Kaua`i Planning Commission

A71-284  John J. and Mary F. Camara

A71-289  Land Use Commission

A71-301  Samuel Y. and Akino Aoki

A71-303  Kaua`i Planning Commissioin

A72-333  Hans W. Hansen

A72-335  Lihu`e Plantation Co., Ltd.

A72-354  Dorsey W. Edwards

A73-358  University of Hawai`i

A73-367  Joseph Flores, dated April 26 1977

A74-375  County of Kaua`i

A75-392  AMFAC Communities Inc.

A75-397  Lihue Plantation Co., Ltd. and HRT, Ltd., dated April 09, 1976

A75-402  Lihue Plantation Company, Limited, dated June 02, 1976

A75-408  Wailua Heights Inc., dated June 02, 1976

A75-410  Janet Lee Greenblath & Marcia Sue Vespoli