A07-778 SCD-TSA Kaloko Makai, LLC

Docket Background:

Petitioner is seeking to reclassify approximately 952 acres in Kaloko, North Kona, from the State Conservation and State Agricultural District to the State Urban District.  The Petition area is a portion of the approximately 1,142 acres proposed for the development of Kaloko Makai.  The Petition area is comprised of Tax Map Key Parcel Nos. (3) 7-3-009: 017, 025 (portion), 026, and 028.  Approximately 190 acres within parcel 025 was previously reclassified to the State Urban District under LUC Docket No. A84-566.  The Petitioner proposes to develop a master-planned residential mixed-use community to include supporting commercial, educational, recreational and open space uses with related infrastructure.

Current Status:

Petition has not been accepted as a complete filing.  The Second (Revised) DEIS has been under public comment period that ended September 23, 2013; Petitioner is currently working to draft a Final EIS (FEIS) that will be submitted to the Commission at a future date yet to be determined.


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