A06-767 Waikoloa Mauka, LLC


The Commission held a status hearing on this docket on May 23, 2018.  At that time the Commission determined that there was reason to believe that one or more conditions or representations of the 2008 Decision and Order had been violated.  The Commission issued an Order to Show Cause and set a hearing date of August 22-23, 2018 in Kona, Hawaiʻi at the Natural Energy Laboratories of Hawaiʻi.


Waikoloa Highlands Statement of Position on Order to Show Cause (8/9/18)

Exhibits 1-17 (8/9/18)

A06-767 Waikoloa Highlands, Inc.’s Motion to Continue Hearing On Order To Show Cause, Memorandum in Support of Motion; Declaration of Derek Simon; Declaration of Natalia Batichtcheva; Exhibits “A”-“M”, COS (7/25/18)

2018 Notice of Representation – Carlsmith Ball- Steven Lim (6/13/18)


2018 Office of Planning Response to Petitioner’s Motion to Continue Hearing on Order to Show Cause


County Planning Department’s Statement of No Objection to Waikoloa Highland, Inc.’s Motion to Continue Hearing on Order to Show Cause (8/15/18)

Decisions and Orders

Decision & Order (pdf) dated June 10, 2008

Order to Show Cause Notice to Appear (pdf) dated July 3, 2018

Annual Reports

2014-2016 (pdf)

2014 (pdf)


Certified Notice of Imposition of Conditions (pdf)

Declaration and Recordation of Conditions (pdf)