A00-730 Lanihau Properties, LLC

Decisions and Orders

Order Granting Motion to Amend Conditions and Extend Time for Compliance dated January 31, 2008

Order Granting Petitioner’s Request for a Time Extension to Satisfy Conditions of Approval 1C, 3B and 8 dated April 24, 2006

Amended Certificate of Service  June 3, 2003

Decision & Order (pdf) dated September 26, 2003

Annual Reports

2018-2019 Annual Report- (4/24/2020)

2018-Status Report on West Hawaii Business Park Conditions 1a-1g from Riley Smith-Lanihau Properties submitted at LUC status report mtg 5/23/18


Letter to LUC from Matsubara, Kotake & Tabata re: Lanihau Annual Report- 2017

Lanihau Annual Report 2017

2015 & 2016

Letter to LUC from Matsubara, Kotake & Tabata re: Lanihau Annual Report 2015/2016

Lanihau Properties, LLC Annual Report

2013 & 2014 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. update– as required by Ordinance No. 04-110 (2004), Parcel 30 filed 5/11/15

2014 (pdf)

2013 (pdf)

2012 (pdf)

2011 (pdf)


E-mail Correspondence from NPS to LUC dated June 16, 2018, providing links to NPS water quality monitoring data

Email Correspondence from NPS to LUC for May 23, 2018 status report hearings on Docket No. A00-730 Lanihau and A10-788 HHFDC (5/22/18)

Kaiser Hospital handout at 3/27/19 LUC meeting

Kaiser Hospital submittals at 5/23/18 LUC meeting-

1 page-photos of Kaiser Permanente Wastewater Treatment- Exterior/Interior view,

1 page site map-sampling locations,

1 page-Total Nitorgen chart,

1 page Total phosphorus chart from Kaiser Permanenter.

1 ea Process Flow Diagram,