A83-549 Kona Vistas LLC (f.k.a. Gamlon Corp. & Gamrex Inc.)

Decisions and Orders

Decision & Order  for Increment I (pdf) dated December 13, 1983 (Gamlon Corporation)

Decision & Order for Increment II (pdf) dated May 10, 1993 (Gamrex Inc.)

Order Approving Motion to Extend Time to Complete Substantial Development of Increment I and to Apply for Incremental Redistricting of Increment II (pdf) dated February 10, 1989

Order Granting Motion to Change Petitioner’s Name and Amend Caption (pdf) dated July 10, 2006

*Name changed to Kona Vistas LLC

Annual Reports  

2015-2016 (pdf)    County Response (pdf)  Petitioner’s Response to County (pdf) 11/7/16

        AIS (pdf)-Archaeological Inventory Survey Report August 2016 Draft                                                          Site Inspection (pdf)

2006-2014 (pdf) dated June 10, 2014 Petitioner Kona Vistas LLC Annual Report response

LUC Request Letter (pdf) dated May 7, 2014 for Petitioner Kona Vistas LLC to become current with Annual Reports since 2006 by July 1, 2014

2005 (pdf)

LUC comments to Petitioner’s 2005 Annual Report (pdf) dated February 6, 2006