A03-739 A&B Properties – Kanahā Hotel Motion to Amend


Pursuant to a decision and order in 2004, the LUC granted a petition by A&B Properties for reclassification of lands into the State Urban District for hotel, commercial, and industrial uses (see Docket No. A03-739).  R.D. Olsen Development (“Petitioner”) has purchased an approximately 5.17-acre portion of the area and seeks approval to amend the 2004 decision and order to build a 200-room hotel and ancillary facilities (“Kanahā Hotel”).  This requires a new environmental compliance document (in this case an EIS) and amendment of the original docket to allow for the use.


The LUC has held a hearing identifying itself as the accepting authority for the proposed project’s EIS and directed the Petitioner to proceed in filing a draft EIS for publication and public review.

The consultant for the developer has informed the LUC that the project is on-hold as of March 1, 2022.  No further work is being conducted on the draft EIS at this time.