DR17-60 MONSANTO COMPANY, a Delaware Corporation’s Petition for Declaratory Order to Designate Important Agricultural Lands for approximately 1,084.079 acres at Naiwa, Manowainui, Kahanui, Moloka`i, identified by TMK (2) 5-2-012-004; was filed on September 29, 2017 with the Commission.  Copies of this Petition were provided to the Department of Agriculture, the City and County of Honolulu, and the State Office of Planning to review and provide comments on by October 11, 2017.  This Petition is tentatively set to be heard by the Commission on October 18-19, 2017 on Moloka`i.

Petition for Declaratory Order filed 9/29/17

Verification & Certificate of Service filed 9/29/17

 PETITIONER EXHIBITS filed 9/29/17 with LUC
Petitioner Amended Exhibit List filed 10/16/2017
Petitioner’s Ex 1a Molokai TMK Parcels and Proposed IAL Maps
Petitioner’s Ex 1b Maui TMK Parcels
Petitioner’s Ex 2 Verification of Land Ownership
Petitioner’s Ex 3 Landowner Authorization
Petitioner’s Ex 4 Agricultural Land Assessement
Petitioner’s Ex 5 Report of Findings on Cultural Research Related to the Designation of a Majority of Monsanto Company’s Maui County Land as Important Agricultural Lands
Petitioner’s Ex 6 Map of Uses
Petitioner’s Ex 7 Monsanto’s Farm Sustainability Practices (2016)
Petitioner’s Ex 8 MIS Service Area
Petitioner’s Ex 9 Water Use Data
Petitioner’s Ex 10 2013 Draft Wellhead Protection Overlay Distric Zone… Map 9
Petitioner’s Ex 11 Resume of Dan Clegg, Monsanto Hawai`i Operations Lead
Petitioner’s Ex 12 Resume of Tom Schnell, PBR Hawai`i & Associates
Petitioner’s Ex 13 Written Direct Testimony of Ramsay R.M. Taum, incl. resume
Petitioner’s Ex 14 Written Direct Testimony of Josh Hunziker, Monsanto Moloka`i Foundation Production Lead, incl. resume
Petitioner’s Ex 15 Written Direct Testimony of Robert J. Starke, Ph.D., Kunia Site Lead, incl. resume
Petitioner’s Ex 16 Petitioner’s Power Point Slides for Proposed Moloka`i IAL

State Office of Planning

Comments on DR17-60 MONSANTO COMPANY Petition for IAL filed October 10, 2017

State Department of Agriculture

State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture filed October 12, 2017

County of Maui

Maui Department of Planning comments filed October 13, 2017


Moloka`i Land Trust comments filed October 16, 2017

Luigi Manera comments filed October 16, 2017

Lawrence Lasua comments filed October 16, 2017

Stacy Crivello comments filed October 16, 2017

Moloka`i Farm Bureau comments filed October 16, 2017

Coffees of Hawaii comments filed October 16, 2017

Hikiola Cooperative comments filed October 16, 2017

Cheryl Corbiell comments filed October 16, 2017

Hawai’i Farm Bureau comments filed October 16, 2017